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Re: Hardware upgrade -> Volume Group "VolGroup00" not found.

Richard Shaw wrote:
> This is the second time this has happened to me. The first time was
> after a hardware upgrade on the computer I'm using right now, however,
> it was an F8 system so instead of preupgrade I decided a fresh install
> was in order, no big deal.
> This time it's with my Myth Box running F10 and if I don't fix this
> quickly the wife is going to kill me. Why does a hardware change (new
> MB) cause this problem? Shouldn't it be able to find the volume group
> regardless?
> In my previous situation a livecd could find the volume group but the
> installed system could not and I suspect the same will happen this
> time but I am creating a livecd just to be sure.
> Any troubleshooting ideas?
> Thanks,
> Richard
> Old System:
> AMD Sempron 64 3100+
> Cheap nForce3 MB
> New(er) system:
> AMD Athlon X2 5200+
> Gigabyte AMD 770 chipset. MB
Chances are, your disk controller changed with the change of
motherboards. This has been covered a couple of times on this list.

The fix is fairly simple - build a new initrd with the drivers for
the new motherboard. You can do this by booting with the install
media and using the rescue mode. Then chroot to the mounted root
directory, and run mkinitrd.


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