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Re: Setting up a home wireless server.

James Allsopp wrote:
> How would you go about setting up the routing, and would that get in the
>  way of, for instance, if I want to ssh into my router from the internal
> network and opposed to going right through onto the internet.
> Seems there's three ways to do this from what I can find,
> i.) Set up a bridging device
> ii.) Use Iptables (but which, via SNAT or MASQUERADE)
> iii.) Use routing tables?
> What are the pro's and con's of these approaches.
> Cheers,
> Jim

Here my 2 cents on this.  Routing is much easier to setup than
masquerading and requires fewer CPU cycles on the server.  Basically I
have 2 networks wired (192.168.2.x) and wireless (192.168.3.x). My
server had a wired and a wireless connection.  The wireless end I use as
the default gateway for the wireless traffic.  I setup routes between
the server and the 'wired' network along with the internet.  It's really
not any more complicated than that.

>From that point I use squid as the proxy on the server to manage access
from the wireless connections my daughters have.

As for the other methods, I have used them but find it a little harder
to maintain the IPtables stuff than it is for a couple static routes.

As for your ssh question, I'm not sure I completely understand your
problem.  I can ssh into my router from anywhere on the network.  Are
you worried the network segregation is going to prevent the wireless
side from accessing the wired side, in my case no.

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