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Re: Fed10 and recording quitar music

On 3/6/09, johnbs <johnbs tele2 fr> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
>     could somebody please give me the load down on recording quality
> music with Fedora 10? What programmes should I use, etc in fact
> everything!  My friends tell me I would have to quit Fedora and go to
> Windows : an idea which does not please me. Thanks a lot.

Motto: "God save me from my friends; from my enemies I can protect
myself." (Voltaire?)

The furthest you _may_ have to go is a realtime kernel and/or an
audio-oriented linux distribution. Certainly not windows.

Install audacity and, if that guitar you want to record is electric,
rakarrack (though with rakarrack you're better off compiling the
latest version; but that can wait). audacity is for recording and
mixing audio tracks, and rakarrack is a guitar effects
processor. rakarrack may be a jack-only application, which means that
you also need to install jackd and qjackctl (the latter is not
absolutely necessary, but it's a simple way to connect jack
applications); but if you're into audio, you'd have to do that sooner
or later anyway.

If you want other instruments to go with your guitar, install hydrogen
(drum machine), qsynth/fluidsynth, and rosegarden (sequencer and
notation editor).

mma is  very capable accompaniment-generator (not packaged for Fedora,
but very easy to install).

Join the linux audio list
listen to this beautiful "linux only" song by Dave Phillips
http://linux-sound.org/audio/springof23.ogg and ask your friends if
windows could make it sound better :-); have a look at his
articles in Linux Journal; and see if you still consider moving to
windows for audio recording.

Disclaimer: I've been dabbling in linux audio for 2 months or so, so
I'm not an expert at all. (Still, I'm having pretty good results with
stock F10).


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