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Re: Fed10 and recording quitar music

---- johnbs <johnbs tele2 fr> wrote: 
> Hello everybody,
>     could somebody please give me the load down on recording quality 
> music with Fedora 10? What programmes should I use, etc in fact 
> everything!  My friends tell me I would have to quit Fedora and go to 
> Windows : an idea which does not please me. Thanks a lot.
> John Brennan-Sardou.

Although I have personally only used it for MIDI, I know that Rosegarden, http://www.rosegardenmusic.com/, can also do audio recording.

Ardour, http://ardour.org/, says it can record but I've never used that for anything.
Audacity, http://audacity.sourceforge.net/, is another option I've never tried.

Those are the most common butthere are probably others too.

Sounds like you need some new friends or at least some smarter ones! (Just kidding.)


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