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Feedback on topics for IRC Classroom sessions

Hi Everyone

1.Creating a Virtual Router environment using Fedora and UML.
2. Creating a filesystem using busybox and using it with QEMU on fedora
3.  Introduction to Netlink Sockets- What are they ?
4. Netlink Sockets Part 2
5. The UML Switch

I plan to take these sessions from April and i have already updated the first list at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Classroom .

I am also planning to take sessions on areas like Security (IPSec, OpenSwan etc) and Routing (BGP,OSPF,etc) Switching (VLAN, RSTP,MSTP), MPLS etc.

Can you let me know if anyone interested to attend these. If they are i could take these as these are hot technologies and you could probably think what connection does it have with Fedora. In a sense yes it has, Routing you could take quagga routing suite and i could give a demo on how to setup routing environment using quagga on fedora. and how to setup BGP session and if its MPLS you could still do the same with MPLS packages available for fedora and then patching the kernel too. and OpenSwan is very famous with IPsec

Do let me know your suggestions and comments.


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