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Re: F10 Rescue

Robert Karge wrote:
> All,
> I'm stuck!
> How do I edit fstab from rescue mode when the info in fstab no longer
> matches the mountable resources.
> If there is some magic tool I need what is it? Rescue mode will not
> recognize my root login because selinux is
> preventing it. Probably should be able to shut selinux down from the
> rescue mode also.
What do you mean by the "rescue mode"? The rescue modes I have used
do not require a login.

> This would also lead to the obvious question:
> 1. Why doesn't  comprehensive prelease testing find these failure types.

What type of failure? There are some types of failure that require
you do repair them by booting in the single user mode, or booting
from the install CD/DVD and selecting the rescue mode.

> 2. Why should boot fail because a mountable resource is no longer
> available, just error msg and skip it and get on with it?
Because mount does not know if the system can boot without the
partition being mounted. Usually, if it can not mount a partition,
there is a problem with the system, and you should repair it before
doing a normal boot.

It is fairly easy to boot from the rescue CD, or in the rescue mode
of the install CD/DVD, and then edit fstab from there. You should
probably read about using the rescue CD before doing this.


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