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Re: Not Remembering Root Password

Andras Simon wrote:
Do you really think it matters? What could happen, aside from making
me think a few nanoseconds longer before executing a command?

I understand this has been "fixed" in some versions of unix/linux... but let us not forget the perennial favorite of many an old fart sysadmin:

/bin/rm -R *   in any dir, but especially fun in in the root dir /

Never allow or use root priviledges unless you need them for a specific task, this ain't windoze. Either that, or back yourself up to the hilt, because you *will* shoot yourself in the foot. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. ...and, naturally, I'm speakin' from experience!

I /knew/ I was in the /tmp dir I only missed by .. - thankfully we had good backups!
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