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Re: Hardware upgrade -> Volume Group "VolGroup00" not found.

On Fri, Mar 6, 2009 at 8:37 AM, Mikkel L. Ellertson
<mikkel infinity-ltd com> wrote:
> Richard Shaw wrote:
>> Hmm..... I saw some responses like that, however, my current liveusb
>> is i386 and the install is x86_64. I tried bascially a full copy of my
>> working system's /boot which was actually used to boot on THAT
>> hardware until yesterday and it had the same issue.
>> i.e. New HW -> My Desktop, My old Desktop HW -> MythBox.
>> So the initrd I copied over to it was actually used to boot on that
>> very same hardware.
>> I'll have to re download F10 x86_64 as I had to delete it for space a
>> while ago. I'll try mkinitrd but I have some doubts, unless someone
>> can find fault with copying over a working /boot (which was used on
>> that specific hardware previously).
>> Thanks,
>> Richard
> Grub loads the kernel and initrd from /boot using the BIOS, and the
> turns control over to the kernel. So the fact that the kernel loads
> from /boot does not say anything about the initrd having the drivers
> to access the hard drive.
> Mikkel

Well, maybe I didn't explain what I did good enough. I copied all the
files from My desktop computer's /boot to the /boot of the problem
machine. Those boot files are the EXACT same boot files (including the
initrd) used until yesterday to successfully boot the problem machine.

Basically I did a roll down hardware upgrade. I got new desktop
hardware (but kept my HD) and pushed my old desktop HW to the MythBox
(but kept the same HD). So the hard drives have effectively stayed
stationary while all the other hardware changed. By copying the /boot
from my desktop HD to my Myth HD I'm effectively using the same boot
files (kernel, initrd, etc) that were used to successfully boot the
machine only a day ago.

That being said I have the 64bit live cd downloading at home now and
will try mkinitrd this evening.


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