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Re: pulseaudio deeply unreliable (Fedora 10)

Phil Meyer wrote:
Because 'pulse' and alsa can co-exist, setting the music player to alsa stops the skipping, but no other audio will work at the same time, sometimes causing a flash player or pidgin, or other app to crash as a result.

I think you can just create a .asoundrc in your home directory that makes dmix or speex part of your default and this mixing will occur automatically in alsa as well. I don't have one, so can't post details, but that is theoretically supposed to work with alsa.

pcm.!default {

might work.  And might not.  :-)

I have tested this extensively with several music players, and set to alsa, they consume less than 5% CPU, and set to pulse they use 17%.
Set to alsa they perform flawlessly, while blocking all other audio.

Your symptoms sound like you have pulse running at a different frame rate than the music. Thus it is doing on the fly resampling. This would explain the high cpu usage.

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