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Re: Text editor won't let me edit conf files. How do I?

2009/3/6 Matthew Flaschen <matthew flaschen gatech edu>:
> Aaron Konstam wrote:
>> On Fri, 2009-03-06 at 14:54 -0500, Matthew Flaschen wrote:
>>> Aaron Konstam wrote:
>>>>> Give your root password when it asks.
>>>>> -
>>>> The essential point is that you have to be root to edit files with only
>>>> root w permissions
>>> No, you don't.  This is the whole point of sudoedit.
>>> Matt Flaschen
>> Your nit picking. Sudo allows you root privileges on a limited basis.
>> You still have to have root privileges, which was my point.
> Do you actually know how sudoedit works?  The editor is not run as root.

This argument is pointless.

At the point where sudo copies the temporary files it has been letting
you edit back over the originals, it has the privileges of root. Yes,
it's only momentary but you still needed to be root for that moment to
perform the modifications.


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