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Re: Can jackd and pulseaudio coexist?

Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
> I am trying to use Rosegarden, and it seems that it requires jackd
> in order to run.  Yes I poured over the internet docs but have yet
> to understand why using the jack-audio-kit app (qjackctl), jackd
> complains that another app is using it and I am guessing it is
> pulse-audio?

You have to make PulseAudio work on top of JACK if you want them both
running at once. Running JACK on top of PulseAudio is not supported at this
point. (It should theoretically work by enabling JACK's PortAudio backend
now that PortAudio works with PulseAudio, but you'd be going through 4
layers JACK->PortAudio->ALSA->PulseAudio, so it isn't quite ideal for
JACK's real-time requirements. And I have yet to test this - Fedora's JACK
currently isn't built with PortAudio enabled.)

> Is there a HOWTO to get this all working on F10?

Just the first one I found.

        Kevin Kofler

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