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Re: restore device?

Tom Horsley wrote:

> Nah, that just fixes finding the swap after it decides to
> boot normally. Something else somewhere already has that UUID
> built into it, maybe somewhere during the initrd processing.

nah, if you want, but i believe fstab is what is used for all references
to drive assignment.

i just restored fc8 and f10 from cpio backups. being that i already knew
how fstab was setup with uuid, and not caring to go thru uuid crud, all
i did was change '/' and 'swap' to '/dev/sd*'.

all is well, except that f10 is still dieing with 'lost interrupts' and
96 hours of disk testing fails to show a bad drive.

if you feel that uuid is coming from elsewhere, and want to not check for
wake-up, have a look in grub.conf and remove it there.



peace out.



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