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Re: System not booting after yum updates

Do you have XFS as root file system? Do you have some some extra
options provided for it in /etc/fstab, like relatime etc?

I did. And above that I had sent my brain for annual maintenance and I
decided to remove all previous kernels while I had nothing else to
think of. So here is how I got it fixed:

1. Downloaded boot.iso for FC10 from one of the mirrors and made my
USB key bootable using USB Creator.
2. Booted the system using it in rescue mode.
3. During the boot process of rescue mode, I allowed the mounting of
my hard disk partitions in read-write mode.
4. Chroot'ed to /mnt/sysimage where my root partition was mounted.
5. edited my /etc/fstab (note this is fstab of my system which broke)
and removed all other frills and just put 'defaults' as option for
mounting root partition.
6. Forced re-install of the latest kernel (I still had the rpm lying
in yum cache).
7. After that it was just normal sync, ctrl-d (to exit from chroot
shell), and reboot.

And I had my system up and running.

Even if it is not XFS, you have hit a bug I think, which i found
during my search today.

Hope that helps.


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