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Re: System not booting after yum updates

Craig Preston wrote:
After using my F10 system the other day, it automatically downloaded a bunch
a new updates and installed them. When I came back the next day to use the
system it will not boot now. After the grub screen it goes to start loading
and then displays the following error -

/bin/lvm error while loading shared libraries libreadline.so.5 cannot open
is that actually /sbin/lvm ?
- I do not have a /bin/lvm either.

shared object file: no such file or directory
unable to access resume device (/dev/volgroup00/logvol01)
mount : could not find filesystem 'dev/root'

In my grub menu i still have the previous kernel listed and I can boot into
single user mode with it, but not the regular boot.

It seems strange to have just stopped working without me changing any system
settings. Only a week or so earlier I installed the livna Nvidia drivers, I
don't know if they have corrupted anything??
When you say livna, do you mean RPM Fusion ?

Any help would be great
See where your system stands at the moment:
$ rpm -qa \*kernel\* \*nv\* lvm2 readline|sort

list the most recent updates:
# tail --lines=200 /var/log/yum.log

verify the some package installs:
$ rpm -V kernel readline lvm2

fdisk -l


cat /boot/grub/grub.conf


You might like to paste any big results to a pastebin, and post the link
here instead ( ).

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