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Re: Can jackd and pulseaudio coexist?

Ir wrote:
> Running JACK on top of PulseAudio is not supported at
> this point. (It should theoretically work by enabling JACK's PortAudio
> backend now that PortAudio works with PulseAudio, but you'd be going
> through 4 layers JACK->PortAudio->ALSA->PulseAudio, so it isn't quite
> ideal for JACK's real-time requirements. And I have yet to test this -
> Fedora's JACK currently isn't built with PortAudio enabled.)

Well, I just checked and JACK's PortAudio backend uses the ancient PortAudio
v18 API, so at this point it might actually be less work to just fix the
native ALSA support to support non-mmap access (and thus PulseAudio) like I
already did for PortAudio. (I may have a try at it if I get some time,
though I don't expect all that much interest in allowing JACK to work on
top of PulseAudio.) And in the upcoming (and API-incompatible - looks like
that will be "fun") JACK 2, PortAudio appears to be only supported on
Window$ (though it's finally v19). Another possibility may be to write a
native PulseAudio driver.

For you as a user, the "PulseAudio on top of JACK" setup is certainly the
best solution as it works now. It's also the way JACK gets the lowest
possible latency. The drawback is that the sounds from most common desktop
apps will be routed through both PulseAudio and JACK and that it requires
reconfiguration because Fedora is set up for PulseAudio by default,
whereas "JACK on top of PulseAudio" would ideally "just work" (but right
now it doesn't work at all).

        Kevin Kofler

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