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Re: Not Remembering Root Password

Mail Lists wrote:

> Not arguing against the concerns - there is a difference between having
> a user account with priveleges and a user account that can elevate to
> get priveleges via sudo.
>  Even with NOPASSWD he still needs to run sudo does he not ? Not sure
> how you accidently run sudo /bin/rm -rf /
> gene
I have removed the NOPASSWD.

I cannot recall any dumb mistakes as root (any I could imagine that could 
ever occur would be easily repaired by reinstalling the system, costing only 
a lot of time), but recently I made one as me: I deleted a huge sub-
directory of Documents, containing a lot of important files, and didn't 
realize that I had even done it until after I had run a backup program (I 
don't know how, but I might have typed an erroneous command and hit the 
enter key instead of the shift key, then didn't realize that something had 
occurred and just retyped the command). Fortunately, I do incremental 
backups, so I was able to restore. What made the whole fiasco even weirder 
was that I then found the accidentally deleted directory in Trash, a few 
days later. Duh...

Sudo did not protect me from this.

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