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Re: Touch screen laptop


Sharpe, Sam J wrote:
2009/3/7 Philip Rhoades <phil pricom com au>:
Sam J Sharpe wrote:

I have an older laptop that has a reversible screen so it can be used as
a tablet PC but I have never used it like that (it currently has F10
installed). Are there Fedora utilities I can use to check to see if I
can get the touchscreen working with F10?
In general, if you assume that it's a wacom touchscreen, you can install
the linuxwacom package and play with wacdump to see if your pen/finger
generates useful movement information - have a google for it, there's
planty of info out there.

The reason I didn't mention the brand/model is that no-one would recognise
it - indeed the model isn't even listed on the manufacturer's site anymore
(T200C - http://www.clevo.com.tw/en).

I tried using wacdump with /dev/event/input[0-7] with no luck . .

Anything else to try?

This page says it's a Fujitsu Panel:

This page says the Linux drivers are available "on request":

Googling gets these results:

The Linux Touch Screen HOWTO eventually leads to this:

So, have you tried that?

Thanks for that! - I did see the evtouch stuff in my wanderings but wasn't sure if it was appropriate. I will try the different options on the last URL and see how I go (I will post results if they are interesting).



Philip Rhoades

GPO Box 3411
Sydney NSW	2001
E-mail:  phil pricom com au

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