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Re: Disk quotas on INBOXes

>     Our user e-mail INBOXes are sitting in /var/mail/[user].  Does
> anyone know of a way for me to institute per-user quota on their
> INBOXes?  See our problem is that while I can apply user-quotas on
> /home/[user], that doesn't take into account what's on /var/mail/[user]
> ... and some users are leaving their e-mail sitting in their INBOX
> because they don't want to eat up their user quota.  So, I want to limit
> the size of their INBOX file as well, through quotas.
>     Possible?

You can set quotas on the /var filesystem...though, with logs and other
stuff there, I'd be more inclined to make /var/mail (actually
/var/spool/mail) its own filesystem, and then set quotas on that.

On the other side of that coin, I'm running Postfix instead of
Sendmail...Postfix has an option in the /etc/postfix/main.cf file that can
be used to control the maximum size of the main inbox, as well as the
maximum size of emails that can be accepted/delivered.

Those settings are:

mailbox_size_limit =


message_size_limit =

Hope these suggestions help.
Mike Burger

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