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Re: pulseaudio deeply unreliable (Fedora 10)

On Friday 06 March 2009 23:17, Raymond C. Rodgers wrote:
> Neil Bird wrote:
> >   OK, I've had a google, and a bit of tinkering with config. files,
> > and I'm not really getting anywhere.  PA was working OK for me in
> > Fedora 8, but ever since I upgraded F8 to F10, it's been a right PITA.
> >
> >   It'll either continually stutter (e.g., when playing music often 1-2
> > times each track) or hiccough and crash under CPU load (firefox
> > loading can kill it, for example).
> >
> >   Indeed, with my wife playing 'listen', CPU usage is PA itself is
> > some ~20% or more.  I have tried the 'tsched=0' hack, but that doesn't
> > seem to change anything (yes, I restarted PA).
> >
> >
> >   I've seen PA quit itself due to "excessive CPU usage" (I've taken to
> > running it in an xterm to see when it's gone/what errors it's
> > reporting).  I tried the max cpu flag I found in the PA daemon conf.
> > file, but all *that* did was just report 'Killed' when it died.
> >
> >   It just seems deeply unreliable.  I can fairly reliably stuff it by
> > running realplay (listening to streamed radio) under padsp, and then
> > launching mplayer.
> >
> >   The only odd thing I see is some message about the ALSA and/or the
> > kernel reporting a range of 22.0 to 22.0 db or something, "indicating
> > a bug in the kernel driver".
> >
> >
> >   So, what to try?  Most googles of my symptoms lead to people who've
> > had enough and removed it.  I did even see one report trying to blame
> > nVidia's drivers (which, regardless of veracity, is no excuse given
> > that it was OK before).
> >
> >   I'd *rather* get to the bottom of the problem(s), even if it's
> > raising bug reports and patching for now, but I'm really just fed up
> > with the thing now.  If I can't get it going within a week, next
> > weekend it's off the machine for good.
> I'm getting the stuttering, static, and crashes too, and periodically
> something will happen with pulseaudio that results in thousands (at
> least) of identical error messages appearing in /var/log/messages. I
> looked up the error (I can't remember what it is off-hand) and the
> pulseaudio guys are saying that it's a bug in alsa, and the alsa guys
> seem to be working on a bug directly related to that error, but the
> symptoms of the bug they're fixing don't match what I'm seeing with
> pulse...
> Frankly, I don't care where the hell the problem is, I just want my
> audio working clearly and properly. I'll post the error message when I
> get a chance, but even if alsa is the problem it doesn't explain why
> I've seen pulseaudio die between the time I start it in a terminal
> window and the time Banshee finishes loading so I can actually play some
> audio.
> Raymond

Hi Raymond.

Alsa had worked ok before pulseaudio entered the equation. Yes there are still 
problems with certain soundcards, hda intel ones specifically, but for the 
most part Alsa is working ok, and pulseaudio is not needed.

To disable it, simply do a, yum remove alsa-plugins-pulseaudio, which will 
also remove kde-settings-pulseaudio package, if you are using KDE.

Now see if the sounds are working better for you. You can always re-enable 
pulseaudio, by simply re-installing the 2 packages above, if you really want 


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