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Re: FC10 not installing software properly

On Sat, 2009-03-07 at 20:18 -0330, Christopher Hogan wrote:
> I am a Linux newbie, and am having trouble installing software like
> java and the azureus client.  I wish there was a tutorial on setting
> sudo or whatever I need to set up in order to properly install these
> packages.  Can anyone help????   I am still having trouble getting my
> two network systems to talk to each other and see each other...it
> seems that each needs a user and password.

Your questions are hard to answer because you give very little
information about your problems. What version of Fedora do you have? How
are you trying to install these packages? What happens when you do so?
Similarly with regard to the network problems, you don't say anything
about what you're doing or what happens when you do it.

Note that you can install packages without using sudo. Simply use 'su'
to get a root shell and (for packages in Fedora repositories) use 'yum
install package'.


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