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Re: FC10 not installing software properly

On Sat, 2009-03-07 at 20:18 -0330, Christopher Hogan wrote:
> I am a Linux newbie, and am having trouble installing software like
> java and the azureus client. 

Welcome to fedora.

You can start reading thoroughly www.fedorafaq.org which is a good site
for starters. Currently you can find answers referred to the Fedora 10
distribution (last one). 

> I wish there was a tutorial on setting sudo or whatever I need to set
> up in order to properly install these packages.  

A couple of tips of mine:

1. Installing Fedora 10 from the liveCD is the easiest way.
2. The unix/linux way requires to have an omnipowerful user called root.
When you install linux, normally are asked to set the root password.
Remember it!
3. The graphic interface requires a different user, when the machine is
first rebooted. You can use your name as username (lets say
christopher), and you will write a password. Remember it, too.
4. Learn to use the console (main menu/system tools/terminal). When you
first open the console, you are the user "christopher" you created on 3.
5. To get root privileges, issue the "su -" command. That will allow you
to configure your computer and install software.
6. You can try installing yumex, which is a frontend for installing
software: "yum -y install yumex". There you can find azureus.

> Can anyone help????   I am still having trouble getting my two network
> systems to talk to each other and see each other...

You will need a little help about your network configuration. Maybe this
commands (as root) can help (upper/lowercase is meaningful) if your
network does not work:

# service NetworkManager stop
# system-config-network-tui
(there you configure your network and DNS, there is a graphic interface
for that, but its buggy when first installed)
# service network start

If that does not work, by rebooting you'll get to your last right

> it seems that each needs a user and password.

Cant understand: each system? each network?, anyway, both questions are
confusing. If you've installed linux on two computers, you must just
remember the passwords. 

Rodolfo Alcazar - rodolfo alcazar padep org bo
otbits.blogspot.com / counter.li.org: #367962
"Gott existiert, weil die Mathematik widerspruchsfrei ist, und der
Teufel existiert, weil wir das nicht beweisen können."
- André Weil

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