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Re: Fed10 and recording quitar music thanks

rodolfoap a écrit :
On Fri, 2009-03-06 at 11:12 +0100, johnbs wrote:
could somebody please give me the load down on recording quality music with Fedora 10? What programmes should I use, etc in fact everything!

- http://linux-sound.org/ has an interesting collection of apps. - Install CCRMA repo, browse apps, there are wonderful
- my preferred:
for audio recording: audacity
effects: rakarrack
looping: sooperlooper (runs with sl-gui)
writing: denemo/nted
sequencing: rosegarden
rhythm machine: hydrogen
midi time machine: ardour (ardour is a full app, I use it only as a midi
time gen to sync it with sooperlooper and hydrogen)
others you will need: qjackctl, qsynth

My friends tell me I would have to quit Fedora and go to Windows : an idea which does not please me.

Windows has some nice apps, linux has more, but not as mature as windows
ones (I can't find an advanced equivalent to finale, sometimes I use my
old finale 2007 over wine). Audio quality is excellent. I prefer working
with linux, due to the possibilities, I use an Axiom midi controller.

Rodolfo Alcazar - rodolfo alcazar padep org bo
otbits.blogspot.com / counter.li.org: #367962
"Wenn sich Intel und Microsoft in deine Sache einmischen, weißt du, dass
du etwas richtig machst."
- Nicholas Negroponte, auf der Fachkonferenz LinuxWorld 2006 in Boston
verteidigte sich Negroponte mit diesen Worten gegen Kritik von Microsoft und Intel an seinem 100
Dollar Laptop

Thanks to everyone who has answer my call. I am now installing and learning. It fact it was for classcal guitar. Thanks again. John brennan-sardou.

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