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Re: DST, will Fedora change the time on the fly?

Antonio Olivares wrote:
> Dear fedora users,
> I have a quick question about DST(Daylight Savings Time), I know
> that in the US, we will change the time Spring forward, Fall back
> http://www.webexhibits.org/daylightsaving/b2.html
> I am running Fedora 9 x86_64 at home
> My concern is that the clock will be moved forward one hour, will
> it happen by itself in Fedora or do I need to update a package like
> tzdata?
You shouldn't - the rules for calculating it were updated a coupe of
years ago...

> I don't update everything because I am on dialup and only update
> the kernel mostly. Maybe I will learn if this was changed
> automatically in the morning, but I do need to make sure I don't
> fall asleep when I need to head to work on Monday :)
Considering that the change happens Sunday morning, you should see
it when you get up.

Just to add to your confusion, if your hardware clock is set to UTC,
it is not changed. Also, the system clock does not change. What
changes is the display of local time.


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