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Re: Hardware upgrade -> Volume Group "VolGroup00" not found. [SOLVED]

Richard Shaw wrote:
> Some other thoughts about hardware upgrades:
> Both machines I upgraded the ethernet changed to "eth1" but I'm not
> sure where to get rid of the old settings but it's working so I may
> leave it alone.
Udev keeps tract of some hardware. It is mainly so things like
network interfaces and CD/DVD drives retain the same label when you
add new hardware. (It is a pain when you add another NIC, and it
becomes eth0...) You can fix it by deleting the
*-persistent-*.rules. For NICs, it is 70-persistent-net.rules.
Unless you transfered CD/DVD drives with the hard drives, you are
going to find that the CD/DVD symlinks are wrong as well.

> Maybe there could be some sort of hardware upgrade helper to help with
> this process? It could install itself on your system as a rescue image
> to help walk you though the process like preupgrade but for hardware.
That sounds like a good idea. Maybe an option in the rescue mode to
rebuild the initrd image. Also a command in /sbin to delete the
persistent rules...


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