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Re: The Cube in FC10/KDE-4.2

On Saturday 07 March 2009 19:40, Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Saturday 07 March 2009 17:47:40 Jim wrote:
> > Is Desktop Cube  Default kde install ?
> > Or what do I need to install ?
> It's in the default install.  Open SystemSettings > Desktop and enable
> Desktop Effects.  Open the All Effects tab and scroll down to Window
> Management.  You can try various effects there for swapping windows, and
> Desktop Cube is one of them.

AFAICS, the KDE cube effect does not behave quite the same as Compiz cube. For 
example, I couldn't rotate it (using the mouse) more than 360 degrees. 
Further, if I have more than 4 desktops, it seems impossible to rotate even 
less than 360 degrees so some desktops seem inaccessible in a single step.

I also tried the cylinder and sphere, but they simply don't work for me, I 
always see the cube, no deformation at all.

Btw, why are KDE people competing with Compiz(-fusion) wrt desktop effects? It 
seems very unlikely (ie. hard) to provide equivalent functionality. Why not 
concentrate to make Compiz better integrated in KDE itself and use its own 
effects instead? Of course, it works very well even now, but I see no point 
on recreating the same effects in KDE --- if one wants them, one probably 
likes eye-candy, and will probably prefer Compiz effects over KDE effects 

Of course, if the OP wants just the cube it's ok, but... :-)

Best, :-)

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