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Re: setting X server DPI

Tom Horsley wrote:

> I've got a long rant on DPI one a website I'm working on
> with all my linux info dumped. See:
> http://braindump.home.att.net/dpi.html
I have jumped most of those hoops, too.

I used to use gdm, but then it stopped having the server arguments option 
(and kdm got fixed), I discovered gnome's setting, but that doesn't help me, 
as a die-hard kde user, I used to have an nvidia card and rejoiced in the 
ability to nail my monitor's native resolution down fast, but now I use 
Intel and there is no longer an xorg.conf (I'm glad about that, and the 
dimensions one could set in xorg.conf never worked right anyway)...

I believe the font resolution you mention in kde's systemsettings is only 
for fonts (96 or 120), while the setting in kdmrc is for all displayed 

I, too, wish that either X could detect a monitor's native resolution 
correctly automatically, or that one could easily set it system-wide.

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