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Re: USB-SATA/IDE adapter on linux/Fedora?

L wrote:

Has any one had good experience with USB-SATA/IDE adapter on
linux/Fedora? if so, what is the brand? Most of these devises on
markets is marked as workable on win or MAC. non mention of linux



I have a friend that has been happy with his, so I emailed him to get info on it. This is his reply:


Yeah, mine has been absolutely reliable.  I happen to have it with
The brick goes in the main pocket, the
actual USB-to-SATA/IDE part (with SATA cable) into the side
compartment.  There's also an adapter came with it that turns the
standard "old school" drive power plug into the newer SATA type power
plug, and a detachable SATA cable.

Lesse...well it says "Vantec" on it, has two green lights and a red
light.  Red says "USB", green on that side says "IDE/Busy", other
green light says "SATA" located near the end where the SATA port is.

Key thing here: the power brick is totally separate from the adapter
portion.  In some cases you don't need the brick, esp. with laptop IDE
drives.  I tried a setup where the cables to data and power merge, and
with a switch operating the power.  That was a complete and utter
turd.  Avoid.

What else...OH yeah: I also carry around a cable that lets me plug one
USB device (such as this thing) into a pair of PC/laptop/etc. USB
ports, wired to draw data and power from one, power from the other.
In a few cases this makes the setup more reliable.  It's quite rare
but it does happen where a drive needs more power than a computer is
providing on one USB port.  Laptop IDE drives are the most common
scenario.  This dual-port adapter cable was NOT part of the original

With that thing along, I'm pretty confident every drive I encounter
can be made to work if it's working at all.

Hope this helps!


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