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Help out with the Fedora Crawler

Hola, Fedorans!

I need some help maintaining the Fedora Crawler. This is a custom google search engine that looks into specific fedora sites so, for Fedorans, it's great for looking for help. You can add it to your iGoogle or your Firefox search, etc.

Anyway, I'm sure we could make it better if some contributors stepped in. It's not hard to manage.

I'll include this custom Google invitation if you want to join.

Renich Bon Ciric has invited you to contribute to their custom search engine: Fedora Crawler.

To accept this invitation and register for your account, visit http://www.google.com/coop/cse?cx=011057779923588025604%3Aakrqpglozlu

In addition to contributing to other people's search engines, you can also build and deploy a search engine on your own website in a matter of a few minutes using Google Custom Search. If you're interested in creating your own search engine, click here to get started.

To view all of the search engines you have created or are contributing to, you can visit your My search engines page.


The Google Custom Search Team

Thanks to anybody that joins!
It's hard to be free... but I love to struggle!
Renich Bon Ciric


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