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Re: The Cube in FC10/KDE-4.2

On Sunday 08 March 2009 22:56, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/KWin/4.0-release-notes#Why_not_Compiz.3F

Interesting read. In a nutshell, it seems to be a tradeoff between reinventing 
the window manager vs. reinventing desktop effects, and the KDE developers 
decided to do the latter. AFAICS, this is based on three arguments:
1) Compiz doesn't work if compositing is not supported by hardware,
2) KWin is already developed, well-tested, mostly bugfree,
3) KWin has better "desktop integration" into KDE than Compiz.

I understand the first two arguments, but the third escapes me. What 
is "desktop integration" specifically? The basic operations of a window 
manager are to move, resize, minimize, maximize etc. windows, manage 
desktops/workspaces, and similar. Could you name one specific task that I can 
do with KWin and cannot do with Compiz (both running inside KDE)? What of KDE 
am I missing while running Compiz instead of KWin? I have it setup that way 
since F9, and was never aware of any major features missing, so I would 
appreciate some insight.

Best, :-)

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