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Re: Rogue package

Ashley M. Kirchner wrote:
>    I have an FC10 system that has kernel-
> installed, yet yum nor rpm seem to think it is.  It's in grub.conf,
> there are files in /usr/src/kernels/ pertaining to it ... but I can't
> remove it.
>    The system is running kernel- so I
> don't need the other one.  How do I go about instructing yum that it's
> installed and to remove it, if it tells me the package isn't installed?
If you mean to say that the package isn't being listed when doing
something like "yum list installed" or "rpm -qa" but files exist leading
you to think it is installed....then it can't be removed by the "yum
remove" or "rpm -e" methods since the information doesn't exist as to
what files had been installed and what should then be removed.

It indicates that a removal process did occur at some point but didn't
go as planned....leaving what I would call "orphans" behind.

That has happened to me before.  I simply go about removing the files
manually.  This is especially easy and trouble free when the files are
in a subdirectory or have a name that clearly identifies the file as
being part of a package I know isn't installed.

I've known some people to go through the trouble of finding the
package....installing it again...and removing it via yum or rpm. 

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