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Re: pulseaudio deeply unreliable (Fedora 10)

Antti J. Huhtala wrote:
That's all right if you only use one audio application at a time.
However, sometimes one needs to use more. Here's a quotation from my
private mail to another list member:

"I'm attaching a small text file (of 'top') demonstrating successful use
of pulseaudio. I had Rhythmbox playing some of my favorite records. This
stream was directed to USB headphones. Simultaneously I had totem
(actually totem-xine with all the non-free codecs) playing a movie. This
stream was directed to loudspeakers through the Ensonic SB sound card.
Please note the relatively low average load, even if I have Firefox and
some other programs running.
Both audio signals were completely free of pops or crackles - and there
were no "holes" in the audio output of either. Those holes were plaguing
PA all the time when pulseaudio was new to Fedora :-("

I have been so far pretty happy with PA, but just wanted to add that these days many Audio hardware are capable of handling multi-streaming. Hopefully PA improves even more and incorporates some of these features. Not many have multiple cards, but most do have these multi-stream capable audio hardware. They come in pretty handy if you actually use your desktop as your primary home multimedia device.


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