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Re: Label Program reccomendations ??

On Mon, 2009-03-09 at 11:59 -0400, William Case wrote:
> Hi;
> Can someone recommend a quick and easy label maker.  Up to now I have
> used the label facility on OOo Writer.  Its OK, in fact, its good for a
> large-ish merge etc. but a bit of a PIA for just one or two file folder
> etc. labels.
> I want something, command line will do, that will let me quickly type in
> a file folder title and use a label from a sheet that already has used a
> few labels.  I expect I will have to configure the label properties one
> time but I would hope I could name that configuration.  I would like
> something like the following:
> Label configuration name:  FF
> Label position: 1 - 10 (say)
> Label title: Alphanumeric characters
> So that I could do something like:
> ]$ labelprogram FF 4 "my new file folder"
> or
> ] labelprogram FF 4-6 "my new file folder" "Another File Folder" "The
> Third new file folder"
> This example is only one possibility.  Just looking for
> something/anything that is quick and easy.


I don't know of any existing program that will do that at the command
line, but here's an idea: Glabels is a gui label program that will do
most of what you want, and I notice that there is a glabels-batch
program to batch-print labels previously set up using the GUI.

You could probably write a short wrapper script to take the command-line
text arguments, put them in a temporary CSV file, then use glabels-batch
and the CSV-merge capability to grab that data and print. I notice that
glabels-batch does support the -f flag to specify which label to start
printing on.


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