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Re: Label Program reccomendations ??

William Case wrote:
> Hi;
> Can someone recommend a quick and easy label maker.  Up to now I have
> used the label facility on OOo Writer.  Its OK, in fact, its good for a
> large-ish merge etc. but a bit of a PIA for just one or two file folder
> etc. labels.
> I want something, command line will do, that will let me quickly type in
> a file folder title and use a label from a sheet that already has used a
> few labels.  I expect I will have to configure the label properties one
> time but I would hope I could name that configuration.  I would like
> something like the following:
> Label configuration name:  FF
> Label position: 1 - 10 (say)
> Label title: Alphanumeric characters
> So that I could do something like:
> ]$ labelprogram FF 4 "my new file folder"
> or
> ] labelprogram FF 4-6 "my new file folder" "Another File Folder" "The
> Third new file folder"
> This example is only one possibility.  Just looking for
> something/anything that is quick and easy.
First a warning - you want to be careful about running a label sheet
through the printer multiple times, especially with labels missing.
You run the risk of labels coming off and jamming the printer. This
is especially true if the paper path bends the sheet, and/or you are
using a laser printer.

Having said that, it is not too hard to set up a script that will
take a postscript template, and insert your text into it. I have one
that I use for envelopes. (I have versions that use dialog and
Xdialog to get the information, but grabbing it from the command
line would be a simple change.)

You can probably get your template by printing the label output from
OO as a postscript file and going from there. It would probably be
easier to build a script for each label type, rather then one script
to handle multiple labels...


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