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Re: f10 xorg

> Anthony Messina wrote:
> ----------------original message-----------------
> From: "Fran├žois Patte" francois.patte mi.parisdescartes.fr
> To: fedora-list redhat.com
> Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2009 07:53:51 +0100
> -------------------------------------------------
> > Can't find xorg.conf.... Where has this file gone?
> > 
> it's not there by default, but if you create one, X will use it.
> --

YMMV, If the automated sensing doesn't get things right, the traditional tweaks don't seem to work either.  I update F10 and look every once in a while to see if the INTEL drivers will get rid of the black band down the right side of my monitor then go back to F8 which worked.  Modeline seems to be totally ignored.

Robert McBroom

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