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I can't print, sort of.

Sometime recently, printing stopped working in some applications.

I can go into System->Administration->Printing and print a test page.
And I can print without problem with OpenOffice Writer.

Firefox won't print anymore. It pops up the dialog with the progress
bar stating it's printing, which quickly disappears, but the little
tray icon that indicates printing never shows up and the printer never
wakes up.

Gedit pops up a dialog complaining "Can't prompt for authorization"
when I try to print from it.

I see nothing relevant in /var/log/messages. Should I be looking
somewhere else for printer-related messages?

The printer, for its part, is shared from a Windows machine in our
office, so the Device URI is of the "smb://" variety.

Printing used to work all around. I don't print very often, so I'm not
sure when it stopped working.

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