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pidgin problem after installing the most recent f10 updates


after installing the today's f10 updates:

Mar 10 07:54:29 Updated: gnome-python2-extras-2.19.1-27.fc10.i386
Mar 10 07:54:34 Updated: xulrunner-
Mar 10 07:54:34 Updated: 1:NetworkManager-glib-
Mar 10 07:54:39 Updated: 1:NetworkManager-
Mar 10 07:55:16 Updated: devhelp-0.22-5.fc10.i386
Mar 10 07:55:20 Updated: knetworkmanager-0.7-0.8.20080926svn.fc10.i386
Mar 10 07:55:24 Updated: 1:NetworkManager-gnome-
Mar 10 07:55:28 Updated: 1:NetworkManager-vpnc-
Mar 10 07:55:47 Updated: xulrunner-devel-
Mar 10 07:56:02 Updated: yelp-2.24.0-6.fc10.i386
Mar 10 07:56:05 Updated: gnome-python2-libegg-2.19.1-27.fc10.i386
Mar 10 07:56:05 Updated: gnome-python2-gtkhtml2-2.19.1-27.fc10.i386
Mar 10 07:56:11 Updated: firefox-3.0.7-1.fc10.i386
Mar 10 07:56:14 Updated: google-gadgets-0.10.5-3.fc10.i386
Mar 10 07:56:15 Updated: google-gadgets-qt-0.10.5-3.fc10.i386

and rebooting and then starting pidgin (Pidgin 2.5.4-1.fc10) pidgin says my account is disabled:

"The client version you are using is too old. Please upgrade at http://pidgin.im";

Trying to re-enable my account fails too (getting the same error msg).

Any solution without installing pdgin from pidgin.im?


Joachim Backes <joachim backes rhrk uni-kl de>

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