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Re: fedora on asus M70VN-X1?

Tim wrote:
>> Not always an option.  When I bought my laptop, the only local choices
>> (amongst several computer shops), were NVidia (with supported and
>> unlisted chipsets), ATI (with chipsets known to be problems at the time,
>> or no details), and Intel (with supported chipsets on appallingly low
>> spec laptops, and unsupported chipsets on the laptops worth buying).

Kevin Kofler:
> I'd rather buy an "appallingly low spec laptop"

I wouldn't.  I've had my fill of slow computers, and other bad hardware.

> And changes are the "unsupported chipsets" from Intel would actually have
> worked just fine with current Fedora

Yeah, right... (with heavy sarcasm).  Buy a laptop that you know has an
unsupported chipset in the hope that it may be useable two or three
years in the future.  Don't be completely stupid.

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