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Re: fedora on asus M70VN-X1?

Gene Heskett wrote:
On Monday 09 March 2009, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
 anyone have good/bad/indifferent experience with one of these
running fedora?


Robert, I have an ASUS mobo in this machine, but had I known the problems I would encounter with its broken bios, I would not have touched it for any price. As it was, I paid nearly $300 USD just for the board, an M2N-SLI Deluxe. I think the board is good, but the bios is a certified problem child. They have a newer, beta rated one on their web site, which fixes a problem in memory allocation that any linux kernel does a 1 times oops on very early in the boot sequence, but I have yet to get a 1 hour uptime out of it. If I use the one that does the oops, uptimes are weeks if I want them. And they aren't fixing it, that beta copy is now almost 3 years old according to its internal dates when unzip'd! Repeated emails, 3 now, to support have never been acknowledged either. After that, nope, not with a 50 foot borrowed pole.

In general, I have been very happy with Nvidia over either Intel or ATI cards that I have run.

The Intel card is supported but the graphics are problematic and it isn't just Fedora but all versions of Linux from what I have seen.

ATI was a nightmare as I do need 3D (kids and games) and I just had headaches.

Nvidia has caused some problems but in all the years has worked close to 90% of the time. Freshrpms support is great. I just wish akmod would work as advertised on my systems.

In regards to the ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe. I am using one now and it works like a dream. All I had to do was update the BIOS to fix an issue with the amount of RAM I was using. It wouldn't recognize anything over 4Gig when I got it.

The only time it gets rebooted is for kernel updates and is being used for BOINC so running at almost 100% at all times.

Lately all my video issues are related to the autodetect features of xorg. I have created xorg.conf files and fixed my issues.

As for this particular laptop, I cannot say but I would purchase an Nvidia based system over any other one.

Robin Laing

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