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Evolution throwing away emails for one of my accounts ?

I'm wondering if Evolution might be throwing out emails that it
shouldn't be.

I use Evolution in F10 to manage my emails.

I have a number of different email accounts for various purposes.  I
have filters set up to sort my incoming emails into about 20 different
folders, based on the sender.  If an email doesn't match any of the
filters, it ends up in my general inbox.

I haven't received any 3rd party email in my inbox since Thursday at
noon.  This is highly unusual.  

I sent myself a test email yesterday from one of my accounts and
it correctly ended up in my inbox.   But no other emails have ended up
there and I suspect that some should be.   I just got a phone call from
a guy that claims he sent me 4 emails and they aren't in my inbox, nor
the junk or trash folders.

Furthermore, when I do a Send/Receive in Evolution, it states it is
getting emails for an account that is never filtered and yet none of
those emails are showing up in my inbox folder. 

How would I verify that Evolution isn't throwing away some of my
emails ?



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