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Re: Apparent total loss of all Raid 1 data from both drives`

You raise some good points.  We must remember this whole problem began with SELINUX Manager returned a completely empty GUI  when that app was started. I rebooted and that is when everything "went south".
Thank for your response.
Bob Karge

On Fri, Mar 6, 2009 at 4:42 PM, Roberto Ragusa <mail robertoragusa it> wrote:
Robert Karge wrote:

> Then reconstructed the Raid 1 array, which I
> have done successfully several times, and then added the two Raid drives
> back to the array.  They then equalized, which appeared normal, this
> took several hours.

I don't understand what you mean exactly by "reconstructed".
A RAID can be reassembled from existing disks or can be created
from scratch, assigning two disks or (in a quite unusual way)
assigning one disk and then grow it to two disk.

Your "then added two Raid drives" leaves me wondering what kind of commands
were actually executed on your system.

> When that finished I checked for data/directories and there was
> nothing.  By nothing I mean no directories, no folders, no data.
> All though F10 detected that they were Raid formatted (ext2).

This is strange. It looks like you have a working filesystem, which
is also empty. Accidentally reformatted? Recursive delete?

Try this:
 tune2fs -l /dev/md0
and paste the output.

It will be interesting to see
 Filesystem created:
 Mount count:

>From what you said until now, it looks like a problem at the fileystem
level, not at the RAID level, not at the hardware level.

> So my only disaster is the seeming loss of some very important stuff.

I'm tempted to remember you that backups are important if your files
are important and that RAID 1 is not a backup.
But you sadly know that, for sure.

I hope your stuff is still recoverable.

Best regards.
  Roberto Ragusa    mail at robertoragusa.it


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