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Re: fedora on asus M70VN-X1?

Bill Crawford wrote:
> On Tuesday 10 March 2009 16:13:16 Ed Greshko wrote:
>> If everybody listened to somebody that told them not to buy something
>> then nobody would buying anything.
> But, the same applies in reverse, and the warnings - which might apply to some 
> particular hardware, or software versions, more than others - are potentially 
> useful as guidance on what might be good to avoid ...
I'm not sure how you go about reversing what I wrote.  And I sure hope
nobody took it verbatim.  Maybe a :-) was needed.

But, yes, the point is "guidance" and not "gospel" regardless of what
camp one is in. 

(Good thing I looked at the headers before I sent this....hit "reply"
instead of "reply-all" without noticing that I somehow ended up as a Cc:)

sticky bit has come loose Mei-Mei Greshko greshko com

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