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Re: setting X server DPI

On Wed, 11 Mar 2009 02:24:39 +1030
Tim wrote:

> i.e. 12 point text is the same size whether printed on 2 inches of
> paper, or 20 inches of paper.

Absolutely true, and absolutely the point. If you specify a 12 point
font on a 46" 1920x1080 display, you will wind up drawing some
random smudge of bits that is indeed able to fit on a line that
is 12/72 of an inch high, but there aren't enough frigging pixels
to render the font in any fashion that makes it remotely possible
to discern what the character actually represents.

As long as all the software in the universe insists on defaulting
to things like 9 or 12 point fonts for menu items and login screens
no sane person would want the default DPI to actually match the
hardware because they couldn't possibly read what it says enough
to even find the dialog box they need to fix it.

If some poor soul suffers from OCD so badly that he goes into
uncontrollable tremors and breaks out in a sweat if the measured
size of the font doesn't match the requested size, they by all means
let him check the box that says "render actual size", but I'm
not willing to set my screen to "actual size" just because he
breaks into a cold sweat knowing that I have it set "wrong".
I need to be able to read what it says.

A default setting that can be read is vastly superior to a
pedantically "correct" setting that results in everything
being tiny little screen smudges.

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