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Re: yum dependency problem--F10

On Tue, 10 Mar 2009 21:54:45 -0400, fred wrote:

> On my F10 installation I've been getting this error now for a week or more:
> # yum update
> Loaded plugins: priorities, refresh-packagekit
How did you enable that plugin? You may need to learn more about it.

> fedora                                                                                                                                | 2.8 kB     00:00     
> updates                                                                                                                               | 2.3 kB     00:00     
> Excluding Packages in global exclude list
> Finished
> 3032 packages excluded due to repository priority protections
This looks suspicious. I hear about it regularly, but I still haven't
spent time on looking into this plugin. Somebody may want to verify that
it works correctly.

> Setting up Update Process
> Resolving Dependencies
> --> Running transaction check
> --> Processing Dependency: system-config-date for package: firstboot
> ---> Package system-config-date-docs.noarch 0:1.0.5-1.fc10 set to be updated
> --> Processing Dependency: system-config-date >= 1.9.35 for package: system-config-date-docs

> Error: Missing Dependency: system-config-date is needed by package firstboot-1.102-1.fc10.i386 (installed

system-config-date 1.9.36-1.fc10 can be found in updates since early March.
Update ticket and details here:

> I know such things sometimes happen when repos aren't fully synced, but

Doubtful for a set of packages, which has been published via a single
ticket in the Fedora Updates System. A mirror would either know about all
updates from the set or none, i.e. it either carries fresh metadata or
old metadata.

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