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Samba Printing Problem

 Last Two to Three weeks  I am trying to connect a hp laserjet p1007
printer  it connects usb connection to linux box

  I installed Printers in Linux box is locally it is able to take printout
  But if i Installed via samba  i am not able to take the printout either
from locally(linux)  or from remote ( xp) machines
   I installed Printer drivers from linuxprinting.org
   I commented out /etc/cups/cupsd.conf
                        file and also related to another file
   If i give the print from client machine is show the queue count  it is
increased but not getting printing in printer which is connected in linux
  network is connected  pinging comes able to share the samba pages

  Here  samba share is not from wndows domain for windows just workgroup only
  I want to clear this one  please share your gentle thoughts  i a m using
fedora 9

I read so many sites  links  i am in the state of helpless pls share some of
your thought helpful to clear this one
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