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kde related problems with keyboard and mouse

It seems that since some days I have problems with keyboard and mouse,
probably related to kde applications. At least my assumption is this.
I'm using gnome desktop, but sometimes I use konqueror and krdc
1) in konqueror after a few seconds I loose the keyboard.... only
inside it, in other applications things are normal

2) when I have krdc open (at least it seems from tests) I have strnace
behaviour of mouse with impact on all desktop: the pointer is there
and I can move it, but I can't do any action, neither with left, nor
with right or middle button. I have a laptop and the problem is both
for the external usb connected mouse, and with the embedded trackpad
It seems I can resolve this problem with a sequence such as
Ctrl+Alt+left arrow (or any other arrov key) to change workspace
(infact I'm unable to change it clicking  with the mouse in this
situation) and tipically after this action I re-get the mouse working

Other possibility is installation of thinkfinger .... but I'm not sure...

Any other one with these kind of problems? I think I have  them
starting about 1-2 weeks ago.
In Xorg.0.log and/or messages I don't get any particular message....


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