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Re: 64bit or 32bit for my laptop

On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 8:56 PM, David Hláčik <david hlacik eu> wrote:
Hi guys,

sorry for opening this neverending story again.

I am about to reinstall Fedora 10 on my laptop.

Asus F3Sr, ATI, 230GB disk 5400rpm, Intel Core Duo T5550 @1,83Ghz, 4GB DDR2 Ram

I was using all the time only 32bit version here all the time (with kernel-pae).
My question is , should I go with 64bit? Will this sacrifice me ;)?

What I am using NB for?

Pyton, PHP, XML , XHTML development in Netbeans. I am using apache, for that.
Virtualization with VMware Workstation (For Windows XP).

Thanks, and best regards,

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Poor you, poor me(I had the same trouble, for my crossfire), and poor us.

Just ONLY for your ATI card, the 32bit version is better.
The driver for ATI, especially for Linux 64bit, is very poor!

I will not buy a NB with ATI card in the next few years.


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