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Re: 64bit or 32bit for my laptop

David Hláčik wrote:
> Hi guys,
> sorry for opening this neverending story again.
> I am about to reinstall Fedora 10 on my laptop.
> Asus F3Sr, ATI, 230GB disk 5400rpm, Intel Core Duo T5550 @1,83Ghz, 4GB
> DDR2 Ram
> I was using all the time only 32bit version here all the time (with
> kernel-pae).
> My question is , should I go with 64bit? Will this sacrifice me ;)?
> What I am using NB for?
> Pyton, PHP, XML , XHTML development in Netbeans. I am using apache, for
> that.
> Virtualization with VMware Workstation (For Windows XP).
> Thanks, and best regards,
> David

I think the 64-bit will be fine. I run it on my Athlon 64 with 4GB RAM
and I don't have trouble with  it.  I find the performance compiling is
better, since I do a lot of that.

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