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Re: without a truly working "jigdo", re-spins are effectively useless

On Wed, 11 Mar 2009, David wrote:

> On 3/11/2009 9:52 AM, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> > On Wed, 11 Mar 2009, psmith wrote:
> >> Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> >   ... bitch bitch bitch whine whine whine ... :-)
> >> why not just download the respin over torrent?
> >> http://spins.fedoraunity.org/unity/torrent-files-fedora-10-20090210-re-spin
> >   while that is *a* solution, it still requires more bandwidth than
> > jigdo should use.  i'm just saying that, if fedora proposes a
> > particular download technique, it should at least work.
> FedoraUnity is in no way connected to Fedora.

<slight rant on>

  technically, i know that, but perhaps red hat should start
protecting its brand a bit more aggressively.  go to fedoraunity.org:


everything about that site screams "fedora".  the name.  the icon.
the colour scheme.  the wording:

  Welcome to the Fedora Unity Project
  by The Fedora Unity Team — last modified Dec 13, 2007 07:09 PM

  sorry, but i just don't have much patience with someone telling me
that those two things are in no way connected.  if fedora wants to
disavow any connection to fedora unity, it should demand that the
unity site doesn't work so hard to look like fedora.  or at least have
a *major* disclaimer at the very top making that clear.



Robert P. J. Day
Linux Consulting, Training and Annoying Kernel Pedantry:
    Have classroom, will lecture.

http://crashcourse.ca                          Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA

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