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Re: fedora on asus M70VN-X1?

2009/3/10 Bill Crawford <billcrawford1970 gmail com>:
> On Tuesday 10 March 2009 16:13:16 Ed Greshko wrote:
>> If everybody listened to somebody that told them not to buy something
>> then nobody would buying anything.
> But, the same applies in reverse, and the warnings - which might apply to some
> particular hardware, or software versions, more than others - are potentially
> useful as guidance on what might be good to avoid ...

And of course the warning about crying wolf applies too.  The same
people wheel out doom and gloom about proprietary drivers every time
Nvidia especially is mentioned and it really becomes nothing more than
noise.  Ideally yes we'd avoid them, but I have had only minor
problems with the Nvidia drivers through three generations of chipsets
and if I need to report a kernel bug I can always go back to the nv
driver to do it (and maybe that will solve the problem, in which case
Nvidia get to hear about it).

Warnings about particular hardware or software are much more useful,
especially when someone has specifically asked for them.  (Not that
pushing hardware with open source support doesn't have its place.)


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