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F10 not connected at start up -

I have an F-10 box that does not connect at boot. I believe network manager is completely disabled. It starts in text mode, I enter startx.

Fortunately I usually only boot it once a day at the most but it is a bother. I start it as 'bobg' and it wants a password [more than a dozen characters], Then since it's not connected 'firestarter' isn't running and it too wants a password, but since it's not connected 'firestarter' wont start until I bring up system-config-network to activate the connection, but first it wants a password, once that is down I can go to the firestarter menu and start it.

This is beginning to bother me and I know it must be something I have misconfigured but haven't found it yet. It just asked for some security updates and I told it ok, enter the password again. That's four times in a few minutes and I haven't asked the computer to do any work yet!

Any suggestions?


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